How to Avoid Decoys Using Gold IRA Companies

Sometimes, to outsmart thieves, you need to think like one. Most thieves are in a hurry. They are driven to find the loot and get out as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if they think this way already, so make it easy. Decoys are the best way to accomplish this. You can get the best guide on gold IRA companies.

Here are the decoys used by precious metals IRAs to lure you to their products.

Let’s imagine that most of your metals are kept in a “real” secure place, somewhere around your home or property. While you know where your most valuable stash is, thieves don’t.

If thieves are unable to find something, they will sometimes keep looking until they find it. Here’s how you go about it.

Look in a discount retailer to find the cheapest safes. It should be easy to grab and take with you. You can keep these safes in a prominent place such as the master bedroom closet or the study.

Put some cash,/or gold, and silver in the safe to ensure that the thief can find it. If you don’t have any, assume you have it all. Then take it and run. So it can be believed, the more you have the safer you should place cash and metals.

The idea behind giving a little is to keep a lot.

If you are a poor person, keep a small amount in your safe. Add pennies, nickels or dimes to make it more affordable. To give the safe weight and to make it look like your metals were there, you can put some pennies or nickels in it. I have heard of people buying fake gold and silver coins online to put in their safe. This is actually a good idea. The more natural you can make it look the better.

If they believe they have found your stash, they should be happy to leave. Most thieves will follow the path least likely to get their hands on your stuff. If they feel they were lucky enough to find it in a short amount of time, they may be content with taking the safe and moving on.