Prospecting from a Sluice Box: The High Gold Prices Today Might Make You Think About Trying

We all find a hobby over time. Are your hobbies earning you money in real dollars? Here’s one hobby that might inspire you to get outdoors and maybe make some extra cash with gold price today.

It’s a great way to enjoy some time off and make money. They are extremely lightweight and can almost be used anywhere there is a stream.

Because they are not powered driven, they don’t disturb the environment. They are also lightly regulated. They aren’t powered by gasoline so they don’t have to carry any, and they won’t make annoying noises that could disturb other people who might be enjoying the outdoors at a creek.

It is important to have an understanding of how gold deposits in rivers and creeks are if you want to take up this hobby. This was a question I had for many years. It is difficult to understand how it happened.

Gold is heavy. Gold is one of the most heavy metals. A single gold bar weighs about 42 pounds. How did it make its way into the stream, you ask? Good question.

If you walk along any stream, you will see that it can be calm as it flows along the coast to the ocean. It may become a torrential stream during spring thaws, heavy rains, or other times when it is calm. You will be able to see the rocks and boulders moving along the channel if it is in full flood.

Every once in so many years the creek will have what is called a once-in-every-500-year flood. This is what hydrologists examine before allowing development in mountainous areas. Large boulders and other rocks can be carried by floodwaters.

Not only do rocks and gold get carried along, but so does gold. It is much heavier than any other material and will fall to the bottom quickly, settling behind the creek’s riffles. Rifles are everywhere that water flows. Rocks, sand gravel bars, bridge footings. Tree stumps. Curves in the creek. Rifles can form even though water flows through canals or culvert pipes. When prospectors go to work on a creek, it is the area that has these riffles that will be most profitable.