Asbestos – What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring substance. It was once highly valued as a building material. It can withstand extreme temperatures and fire. Excellent sound absorption qualities were also a key feature that made asbestos a highly sought-after material in the construction industry. Its miraculous qualities can explain why asbestos exposure can have potentially fatal side effects. On you can learn more.

There are three types: white asbestos (or ‘chrysotile), brown asbestos (or ‘amosite), and finally blue asbestos (or crocidolite). Because of the fine structure and sharpness of its fibres, blue asbestos can be considered to be the most hazardous.

Bonded asbestos, another type, is created by bonding asbestos fibers to other materials, such as cement. This type can still be found today in commercial and industrial buildings. Bonded was commonly used on flat roofs, roof tiles and corrugated roofing that is often found in garages and other outbuildings. It is also used in texture paint on walls, ceilings, floor tile and water drainage pipes. Bonded was extensively used in manufacturing brake linings.

Inhaling particles that have been disturbed can prove to be dangerous. Lung cancer and other serious illnesses can be caused by asbestos inhalation. Second-hand exposure can occur if the dust is left in the atmosphere for several hours. Asbestosisis risk is increased by prolonged, long-term asbestosis exposure.

Because of this, the European Union banned all asbestos-related products. There are strict regulations in place to avoid exposure.

Although it can be alarming to find asbestos in your roof, walls, flooring, or floors of your home or business, you should remember that asbestos fibres can only become airborne when they are disturbed. Your roof should not be showing any signs of wear or tear. It is important to keep asbestos covered with paint or some other impermeable substance. This will prevent dust from getting into your body and protect it from becoming a danger.

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